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Jeunesse is an MLM corporation that offers an expansion of products that you may promote and make money with the opportunity it gives.

The niche that I might think Jeunesse to be in could be considered the fitness and beauty niche because of the products they offer.

Company Overview
The organization became at the start founded by way of Wendy Lewis and Ray Lewis back in 2009.

The organization is located in Lake Mary, Florida in the United States.

Both Wendy and Ray have a ton of experience in the MLM industry as vendors and management roles.

They have been capable of grow big downlines and became pinnacle earners in their organizations.

The Jeunesse business enterprise itself has constantly had regular famous growth since it started out with the records showing a steady upclimb since the first month they started out.

This is a clear indication of the management they have in location.

That become a easy breakdown of the organisation description, permit’s keep to the following phase.

Jeunesse Products Lineup

Here is a breakdown of the products that Jeunesse offers with a pricing list:

  • Instantly Ageless -” light and contains a complex of minerals for skin that evens skin tone “. This product is sold for $74.95 for fifty 0.3 ml sachets.
  • Luminesce Renewal of the Essential Body – “Your skin will love its antioxidants and factors of human growth that revitalize your skin appearance, giving you a healthy and nourished appearance “. This product is sold for $59.59 for a 150 ml tube.
  • Finished – An” exclusive blend of natural ingredients known to safely extend short telomeres and maintain healthy stem cells”. This product is sold for $289.95 for two bottles of 60 capsules.
  • Reserve – “A botanical blend of super antioxidants -carry your internal systems”. This product is sold for $134.95 for a box of thirty 30ml bags.
  • Zen Pro – A “powerful blend of whey protein, rice, and peas to build the power needed to tone up”. This product is sold for $69.95 for 14 single-serve packages.
  • Luminesce Cell Rejuvenation Serum – “This silky serum calms and supports the skin with a unique formula containing the highest possible percentage of the complex growth factor “. This product is sold for $134.95 for a 15ml bottle.
  • Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex -“This daily facial cream provides serious protection for the skin “. This product is sold for $69.95 for a 30ml bottle.
  • Luminesce Advanced Night Repair – A “night cream” that “nourishes the skin”. This product is sold for $99.95 per 30 ml tub.
  • Zen Fit – “A rich source of amino acids, which helps muscle recovery and protein digestion “. This product is sold for $48.95 for thirty single-portion packages.
  • Luminesce Ultimate Masque Facelift – a “unique formula that provides a gentle exfoliation, raising the old skin to reveal your c luminous birth”. This product is sold for $69.95 for a 118 ml tube.
  • AM & PM Essentials – “Only dietary cuts designed for your well-being”. This product is sold for $139.95 for two bottles of 60 tablets.
  • Zen Shape – “fights the desire for sugar while controlling hunger”. This product is sold for $55.95 for a bottle of 120 capsules.